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A Tale Through The Ages
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Medieval based, Multi-fandom RP.
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Enter a world filled with fantasy, with rich story telling and new adventures around every turn. Enter a mystical time period when Dragons, Knights and Magick existed. Imagine Unicorns, Druids and Pegasus residing in an enchanted forest forgotten by Man. Dare to dream of a life filled with riches, prosperity and joy traveling or trading goods. Lively entertainment, daring battles to protect the ones you love and forbidden romance are all but a taste of what's to come in this fantasy based rp. Dare to breath, never forget and always reach for your dreams~ Tales Through the Ages. If you can imagine the endless possibilities, find your courage and follow the path set before you.

1. Make sure to post at least twice a month. In order to establish a storyline, it's important to keep the ball moving. It's understandable if real life issues occur, but this is a role play and there are expectations of the members.

If you're going on hiatus, make sure to inform everyone by posting in your character journal and the main page. If inactivity follows for a week, a reminder will be sent to your inbox. If inactivity continues for a second week, your character will be placed on a "drop list" and thus actions will be followed the following week. Three strikes rule and you're dismissed.

2. Please, no God-Modding. Always ask other players for interaction or storyline development. Everyones loves a good plot bunny, but taking advantage of other people's characters is prohibited. If this rule is broken, expect a warning. We are all players here to enjoy a friendly rp, so let's work together and enjoy ourselves within reason.

3. No Drama. We're mature adults here to roleplay, not elementary school kids here to sabotage and tattle on each other. If there is a player here you're not on good terms with, please avoid them for the good of the community. Keeping In Real Life drama and In Character drama out of this community is a must for success. I don't want to receive e-mail notices from players with personal vendetta against
another member. Again, if this rule is violated, expect a warning.

4. In order to maintain a friendly atmosphere here in the community, we will be working a Three Strikes system, as previously mentioned. Please do not cause unnecessary drama. If you've read the rules, you know what to expect when joining the community. Stick to the guidelines and there will be no problems. Fail to uphold our expectations and you will be dismissed.

5. Please stay In Character when roleplaying in the community, especially when interacting with other characters. No matter what class or occupation your character has, maintaining a canon-based personality is highly appreciated. If adjustments need to be made in order to blend in with the Medieval setting, then please feel free to let your creative sides shine within reason.

6. Since this roleplay is Fantasy based, I anticipate a well mixed crowd of characters. A very extensive list can be found HERE

Additional positions are located on the list below.:
Anglo Saxon war mongers
Dark Lords
Pick Pockets
Court Jesters

7. All character reserves are valid for a week. Players can only reapply for the same character once. All characters are graded on a application scale. If two people apply for the same character, the player awarded the character will be determined by the quality of the application and their roleplaying skill level.

We would like creative roleplayers with vision, not to be biast against others newer to the field. There isn't a limit on characters per series, but a diverse crowd will make for better interaction. Please no major interaction between your own characters, since story plot is two-player based and not a fanfiction.

8. For the time being, a maximum of three characters will be allowed per member. Perhaps after times goes by, depending on the popularity of this roleplay, the maximum character limit might increase to six.

9. This community is supportive of Het, Yaoi and Yuri. If there is serious physical interaction between two characters, please mark all journal entries with warnings and place them under cuts. Please make all character interactions on a mature level. Rape plots will not be tolerated.

10. Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Because of the time period this roleplay has been set in, please refrain from using emotion icons.

11. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact me or the other maintainers of this roleplay. I cannot stress enough how we want a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere for all characters and players involved. If there are any problems with other players, please contact us without hesitation. Controlling and resolving the problem before it spirals out of control is the most effective method for this communities preservation.

12. If you've read all the rules and feel this community sounds of interest, please apply for characters as you wish. In advance, thank you for your cooperation and I welcome you to A Tale Through The Ages. Please enjoy your stay!

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